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Association of Iranian Secular Democrat organizations (AISDO) has been active since August 2013. It comprises of some 14 organizations and this number is on the rise
Member organizations believe in the necessity of creating an Iranian secular democratic government, and endeavor to establish a political secular democrat alternative to the present ideology-religion-based government in Iran
To the member organizations, it is an undeniable fact that secular democracy stands above all party policlinics and socio-economic programs and can act as an umbrella under which any secular issue can be raised, discussed and turn into political action, be it of a socialist or a liberal brand
The Association tries to facilitate the creation of common declarations and political actions amongst its membership
One of the major activities of the association is its “Annual Congress of Iranian Secular Democrats” which is shaped in the form of an open forum for the members of the SD organizations to get together and discuss the issues relevant to the future of secular democracy in Iran. The first Congress was convened in WashingtonDC in August 2013 and the second Congress it to be
held this summer
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